Meet the Founder

Nori Norbhu is a Darjeeling born digital illustrator, small shop owner and compulsive tea drinker

About us

noriiart™ is not just an artist-led studio crafting products with love, ranging from stationery to lifestyle and beyond. It's a vibrant community, transcending the label of a brand, and instead, becoming a collective of individuals dedicated to creating joy and sharing it.

My roots lie in the hills of Darjeeling, and the influence of this serene yet culturally rich environment has profoundly shaped my artistic journey. The landscapes and vibrant local culture of Darjeeling have intricately woven themselves into the very essence of noriiart™, giving life to its soul.

From my earliest memories, illustration and a love for stationery have been constant companions. While I initially honed my illustration skills for other brands, a deeper desire emerged—to craft products that evoke a sense of home and celebrate life's little joys. This realization led to the birth of noriiart™, a venture launched post-pandemic, featuring hand-drawn illustrations that grace every product.

The journey began in the confines of a small 1BHK, where I diligently shipped out products. Soon, the demand grew, prompting a move into a dedicated studio space. Today, our compact yet vibrant studio operates with a small team, dedicated to dispatching happiness through our products. The joy of sending these creations to you is immeasurable.

In each product, my aim is to infuse a sense of home and joy. With noriiart™, I aspire to create a haven of warmth and happiness, and I hope to share that experience with you.

A lil' more about us

Artist-led brand

All the artwork featured on our products are hand illustrated by Nori Norbhu

Produced in the studio

Most of our products are produced in house by a small but loving team

Eco- friendly packaging

We use 100% recyclable materials whenever we can. 80% of our inventory is plastic free. It is used only in case no alternative was found.